Almost 2 years ago, my grandmother passed away. She was a stubborn, feisty, short Italian woman with a heart of gold for her family and her Italian ancestry.

As the 1 year anniversary of her death approved this past March, I knew I wanted to do something special. Something that symbolizes me, my life, my passion with an Italian twist and a memory of her.

Bella Forza = Beautiful Strength in Italian

That phrase had been on my mind for quite some time, but it was time to make it permanent.



So now, I carry this with me everywhere I go. Bella Forza means so much more to me that just “beautiful strength” or “beautifully strong”. When I asked my mom about this translation, she said, “Julia, this fits you perfectly. You are both beautiful and strong, on the inside and outside. You embody what strength is and you look “beautiful” doing it.”

But it’s not all about beauty, per se, or even fitness on the superficial level. It’s about loving who you are deep down to the very last fiber of your being. It’s about standing strong for who you are and what you believe in. It’s about being a confident woman in every area of your life, and training hard just happens to bring that out.

Now, with the Bella Forza line of apparel, YOU can carry Bella Forza with you, wherever you go